The Wanted

{Just thought I’d share my favorite video of Pan}


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Am I the only one worried about the red thing in Robbie’s right eye?? Or the only one who doesn’t know what that is…

he said it was from a stick in his eye when he was five, but no vision was lost :)

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nicilikestv asked: Haha do you really check it everyday? That's the nicest thing ever!!! :3

I do! I love to read imagines!

juststartalloveragain asked: hey. I read the story in your page. Are you the writer? Cause it's really good so far. :)

Yes I am! I share the page with a few others, but that’s my story!! Thank you so much! 

Anonymous asked: Harry styles sounded like shit on the xfactor hahaha I'm so glad I like the wanted at least our idols can sing

To be honest, I really like the way Harry sings, he seemed to be forcing it out quite a bit tonight but i would expect that after a giant tour. He still sang good and he shouldn’t be made fun of for it, don’t beat one direction up just cuz you like the wanted, I have respect and love both bands. Yes our idols can sing and they mean the world to us, but that doesn’t mean we go around and tell everyone someone sang like shit just because they’re not in our particular interest as a group. Thank you and have a good night dear


Robbie Kay’s performance once the we were shown that he is Rumple’s father was simply amazing. Not that his acting isn’t good throughout the show, but at the moment it was shown that Pan was who he was, Robbie showed true emotion. He was able to speak to an old man as a boy and talk to him like a father, even though Robbie is obviously young. The emotion he showed, the tears, the anger. Simply fantastic. That performance made me love that boy more than i already did.

“You’re worth more than a few words coming out of someone else’s mouth”
— One of the many beautiful lines I have in a short film I’ll be in